The department is well equipped with two well equippedlaboratories with binocular microscope for training the students in basic concepts of laboratory techniques and to perform basic tests without any assistance. Each laboratory has the capacity to accomodate 90 students at a time.

Clinical Pathology and hematology Lab:

  1. Manual urine examination for detection of abnormal components
  2. Preparation of centrifuged smear for microscopic examination of urine
  3. Hemoglobin estimation
  4. Total count, Differential count, Retic count
  5. Estimation of PCV, ESR
  6. Peripheral smear preparation and staining
  7. Special techniques – sickling test, Osmotic fragility test
  8. Blood grouping and cross matching
  9. Coombs test

Histopathology and cytology lab:

  1. Manual processing of tissue
  2. Manual Embedding
  3. Section cutting using rotary microtome
  4. Staining – Routine and special stains
  5. Preparation and staining of cytological smears
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