The pathology department is well equipped with automated/ semi automated instruments to perform various investigations in pathology. The students posted in the clinical laboratory will be given hands- on training on various techniques.

Clinical Pathology Laboratory :

  1. Automated urinanalyzer to perform complete urinanalysis
  2. Centrifuge to prepare smears from fluid specimens – urine, Cerebrospinal fluid, Pleural, peritoneal fluid
  3. Incubator
  4. Semen analysis – Manual method

Hematology :

  1. Automated Hematology Analyzer – 5 part and 3 part
  2. Semi automatedCoagulometer
  3. Peripheral Smear preparation and Staining
  4. Retic stain
  5. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate using Westegren’s method
  6. Screening for Malaria and microfilaria in peripheral smear.
  7. Preparation of Bone marrow aspirate smears and staining
  8. Special investigations- Sickling test, Osmotic fragility, Hb solubility test, LE cells, electrophoresis

Cytology :

  1. Preparation of cytological smears and staining for FNAC, PAP smear and fluid specimens

Histopathology :

  1. Process of grossing and fixation of tissues
  2. Automated Tissue Processor
  3. Embedding using automated embedding station
  4. Section cutting using semi automated microtome
  5. Routine and special stains of microscopic sections
  6. Cryostat for rapid diagnosis
  7. Immunohistochemistry and enzyme histochemistry

Blood bank :

  1. Blood grouping and typing
  2. Anti-human immunoglobulin test
  3. Cross matching
  4. Collection and storage of Blood bags in refrigerators at 4-6oC
  5. ELISA – screening the donars for HIV, Hepatitis B & C
  6. Preparation and storage of blood components
    1. Packed red cell – refrigerator at 4-6oC
    2. Platelet concentrate – platelet agitator at 20-22oC
    3. Fresh frozen plasma – Deep refrigerator at <- 30 oC
    4. Cryoprecipitate– refrigerator at 4oC

Admission Open - 2023-24