Health care delivery systems are undergoing rapid changes and the demand for skilled Allied Health Personnel is on the rise. They are Health Professionals who are very essential in assisting the doctors in overall diagnosis and care of the patients and management of health facilities which are timely and of high quality. There is an increasing realization on the importance of Allied Health Personnel in the health sector.


Almost all the diagnostic procedures are carried out by the Allied Health Staff and they have emerged a vital cog in the wheel of the Health Care delivery system. The population explosion coupled with the mushrooming of private and Corporate Hospitals has provided numerous opportunities for skilled Allied Health Professionals. It is highly rewarding because of its high moral and reputative satisfaction in the society.


We at Sri Venkateshwaraa College of Paramedical Sciences empower our students with adequate knowledge and skills by well qualified faculty. Envisioning their future, may it be job or higher studies; they are made to achieve what they want. They are designed to create a healthier society as it is our motto.

Shri B. Ramachandran


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